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Scholastic Aptitude Test - SAT

SAT is an extract of Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test for admission to Universities in the United States. It is developed, published and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the USA. SAT scores are also used to grant scholarships and financial aids.


SAT exam is taken by students aspiring for Undergraduate level programs in the US.



SAT exam contains critical reading, math and writing as the sections.


The Scores are measured in:

  • Reading - 200-800 points
  • Math - 200-800 points
  • Writing - 200-800 points


Your SAT score is valid for 2 years.


The SAT is allowed seven times a year in The US and six times a year overseas. The test is conducted for International students in the months of October, November, December, January, May and June.


Time duration of the exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes. There is a set of multiple choice questions and a 25-minute essay.


The three categories – Verbal Ability, Quantitative, Critical Reading


Reading Section:

Verbal section contains short and long passage, for questions and sentence completion.


Sentence Completion questions measures students:

  • Recognize the meaning of word
  • Skill to know how different divisions of sentences are logically composed
  • Passage-based Reading


The Reading Section of SAT gages the competency to read and know about the different length of the passages from about 100 to 850 words. The passages are a combination of many avocations like humanities, social studies, natural sciences and literary fiction.


Quantitative Section:

  • 70 mins. (Two 25-mins. sections and one 20-mins. section)
  • Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics; probability    and data analysis
  • Five multiple choice questions and students produced response which scores 200-800
  • The Topics in the exam are made through a third-year college preparatory course such as exponential growth, absolute value and functional


notation. It also    places emphasis on such topics as linear functions, manipulations with exponents and properties of tangent lines. Important skills such as estimation and    number sense are measured through the multiple choice and the students (grid-in) questions.


The mathematics section has two types of questions:

  • Multiple Choices
  • Student-Produced Response Questions


Writing Section:

Content: Grammar, usage and word choice.


The writing section includes both multiple-choice questions and a direct writing measure in the form of an essay.


Item Types: Multiple choice questions (35 mins.) and student-written essay (25 mins.)


Short Essay - It measures your ability to :

  • Organize and express ideas clearly
  • Develop and support the main idea
  • Use appropriate word choice and sentence structure
  • You'll be asked to develop a point of view on an issue, using reasoning and evidence — based on your own experiences, readings or observations to support    your ideas.
  • The essay will be scored by trained high school and college teachers. Each reader will give the essay a score from 1 to 6 (6 is the highest score) based on the    overall quality of the essay and your demonstration of writing competence.


Multiple-Choice - The multiple-choice writing questions measure your ability to:

  • Improve sentences and paragraphs
  • Identify errors (such as diction, grammar, sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, proper word usage, and wordiness)
  • Try multiple-choice questions
  • Identifying Sentence Errors
  • Improving Sentences
  • Improving Paragraphs


Registration, Cancellation and Refund

The student can register online or by mail. The payment is made by credit card, Money order or cheque. Registration fees for SAT are $105 for International students and for SAT II is $12 per subject + other charges.
Student can cancel the test registration however the test and registration fees will not be refunded.
The fees could be refunded only in the case of additional score reports student have ordered at the time of registration, if he/she is absent during the exam.


Attempts and Retakes

Usually there is no limitation of reappearing for SAT. Having said that, the trend shows that majority of the students takes the exam twice and thrice.